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Terms and conditions




Registration and cancellation

1. Registration is limited to health and mental health professionals as well as to postgraduate students in these fields of at least 18 years of age.

2. Final registration follows processing of the completed participant information form (which will be e-mailed to registrants, and which should be returned promptly by e-mail) and payment.

3. Acceptance for registration is at the discretion of the conference instructors.

4. Refunds for cancellation earlier than two months before the session are subject to a 25% administrative fee. There will be no refunds for cancellation later than two months before the session. Persons who have pre-paid for both sessions in advance, and wish to cancel only the second session earlier than a month before the second session are subject to a 25% administrative fee and the first session being charged at full price. Registration is not transferable.

5. In the very unlikely event of unforeseen circumstances leading to the cancellation of the training workshop by the training workshop organizers, full refund for the cancelled session will be made.


Attendance at the sessions

1. Participants are required to bring their registration confirmation, receipt for payment and government issued photographic identification (passport or driving license).

2. Comfortable clothing should be worn, and materials for writing notes should be
brought to the sessions.

3. Any participant disrupting the session will be removed, without refund.

4. No audio or video recording of the session is allowed.

5. The venue operator’s rules shall be respected (including no smoking, no illegal items, no eating in the lecture room).