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Clinical applications

Functional Sex Therapy aims to facilitate the acquisition by women and men of personal, relational and social sexual functionality. Its objectives are:

– Strengthening of sexual identity

– Confirmation of sexual orientation

– Assertion of vaginality (sexual receptivity) and phallicity (sexual propulsivity)

– Widening of personal, relational and contextual repertory of stimuli and response

– The implementation of conditions for the emergence and growth of sexual desire

– The elaboration of coherent, rewarding and satisfying erotic projects

– The creation of personal and relational intimate moments

– The improvement of seduction skills

– Refining touch

– The amelioration of the capacity to perceive, codify and erotically appreciate sexual stimuli

– The refinement of voluptuousness and body movement

– The improvement of the capacity to manage sexual excitement from its emergence to its dissolution

– The ability to associate emotional pleasure and physiological excitement

– The ability to reach orgasm and obtain sexual satisfaction

– Facilitating the partner’s sexual expression

– Developing the capacity to sexually respect others

– Developing the capacity to sexually respect oneself